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What are the modular mats


Modular mats Trade Mark "ORTHO PUZZLE" aim at the correct formation of the feet, the prevention of flat feet, as well as improving the overall development of the children and their immune system.

The mats are modules which simulate different natural surfaces and are connected to each other according to the principle of «puzzle» with the aid of special lock-and-fastening.

The benefits of our product

What are the modular mats "ORTHO PUZZLE"?
According to statistics, 70 percent of children at the end of school are suffering from planar conditions, which subsequently has a negative impact on their health. The right foot bend is formed from early childhood, under the influence of certain muscles, at the moment when the child is walking on uneven surfaces. In order to make this possible in modern conditions, modular mats of the TM ORTHO PUZZLE have been developed. When children regularly practice on the mats, their feet forms correctly independently.

Modular mats of the TM ORTHO PUZZLE is an excellent solution for the treatment and prevention of flat feet.


MIX «Forest»

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MIX «Hedgehogs»

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MIX «Savannah»

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MIX «Sea»

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MIX «First Steps»

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MIX «Sea pebbles»

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MIX «Universal»

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MIX «Trail of Health»

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10 good reasons to choose ORTO PUZZLE

Unique spherical bases and a wide variety of surface elements enhance the pleasant sensations of exercise on the mats.

Copyrighted "lock-mount". Even during dynamic exercises, the collected single coating will remain assembled.

Special brake spikes on the back of the surfaces. Modules do not slide even on smooth surfaces: a laminate, a linoleum, a parquet.

The neutral and hypoallergenic dyes used do not leave marks on the skin of the child's feet and floor surface. No unpleasant odor on the mats.

The handle of the box is reinforced with an additional backing, which prevents the top of the box from breaking and the handle from falling out when carrying.

It is possible to complete the box either with modules of the same type, or combined options – MIX.

The development of color perception and color distinction leads to the development of figurative thinking and, accordingly, to the development of the right hemisphere.

When combining various surfaces, exercises become most effective due to the alternation of the degree of impact on the foot.

Caring for the children’s health, we also think about the environment. Our rugs are recyclable, which allows to keep the world clean and harmonious.

Medical product has passed all checks and examinations. It is certified as medical device with declaration of conformity for the European Union.

Modular product has passed all checks and examinations. It is certified as a children toy with declaration of conformity for the European Union.

Types of orthopedic modules





The uniqueness of our product

Registration of a medical device

The product has passed all the necessary examinations and checks, received the status of a medical device in the territory of the European Union. According to the directive No. 93/42/EEC

Unique product

The product has no analogues and competitors in the European Union market

Your profit growth

We Provide individual strategic plan for the sale of our product in your network

A personal manager

An experienced manager is willing to answer your questions regarding sales and promotion of out products anytime


The developed logistics system allows you to quickly and on time deliver any volumes of goods to the all destinations in Bulgaria

Intellectual Property Protection

All intellectual property rights are protected by applicable patents in the United States and the European Union countriesin in order to avoid fakes

Outcome of cooperation with us

New niche on the market

New niche on the market

Growth of the client base

Growth of the client base

Increase in income

Increase in income

Why do partners trust us

  •   25 years of experience
  •   Favorable conditions for cooperation
  •   Safety children's product
  •   Highly qualified staff
  •   We care about children's health
  •   Own production


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Тъй като, Йоана е с тенденцията за плоскостъпие или по-познато като "дюстабан" реших, че ще е по-добре да взема превантивни мерки, отколкото след време да съжаляваме и търсим лек, защото лесно се предотвратява проблем, но трудно се лекува!

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Ortho mats - a very cool thing - # musthave for kids from 6-7 months. @ortho_puzzle — save contacts of this producer.

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I wanted to get a quality set of orthopedic mats. Who seeks will always find. Orthopedic mats @ortho_puzzle have no disadvantages. That is great useful product!

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