Orthopedic mats are recommended by moms

Orthopedic mats TM "ORTHO PUZZLE" in Slovakia!

We are glad that our partners in Slovakia actively sell our products.

In one of the main TV shows about women, who give advice and solve all kinds of problems, a very important topic was raised: the problem of children's flatfeet. An experienced orthopedic specialist spoke about our orthopedic mats.

In today's world, the problem of flatfeet is a global problem. Now, in Slovakia, they have found a way to deal with this problem. The programme made clear the reasons for the development of the flatfeet as well as the possible solution.

In the video, children perform exercises on the mats of the TM "ORTHO PUZZLE".

Watch the broadcast of the TV show Dámsky klub.

Moms recommend children's orthopedic mats "ORTHO PUZZLE". And this is very pleasing for the whole team of our specialists.

Many countries trust us, and we produce a quality product that is good for the health of our children